Harmony companion remote not working

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Harmony companion remote not working

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Logitech Harmony Companion. The hub sensor may be poorly positioned or blocked by something else. Check to see if there is a clear direct path between the remote and the hub for signals to be sent successfully.

It's possible that CEC and Harmony's auto power and input commands are conflicting with each other. Disable the CEC inputs if they are inconsistent with Harmony commands.

If none of the above methods fix the issue, the motherboard from the Companion remote or Harmony hub may need to be replaced. See insert guides for motherboard replacement techniques. You have trouble getting picture and audio commands to register to television correctly.

Make sure the source of input from your television is correct. Usually, your television manufactured remote has a "Source" button located towards the top.

Press it and locate the correct input for your Harmony device. If a device powers on or off or changes inputs inconsistent with harmony commands, some CEC inputs may need to be disabled. Typically, remotes send multiple signals to confirm a command is sent to the receiver. If command repetition is set too low, the device may not be sending enough signals to ensure a successful exchange. You click on the command for a channel in your Favorites, but you are taken to the wrong one. Select the appropriate input for your TV and Receiver.

Next name the device, select an icon, and select the device for this Activity. You will also have to select the device used to change the channels, the device that will change the volume, and the input for the device. Don't forget to sync your remote after making channels. Each device for your Harmony Companion, such as the Companion remote, will have its own Favorite Channels. The command you are selecting may be a Favorite Channel on another device.

To change the settings without resetting, log in to MyHarmony on your desktop and select your remote. Then sync the remote.

To reset the Companion remote, remove one of the batteries and hold down the power button. You are pressing a command on the Companion remote, but it causes you to jump up or down a menu too many times.

Harmony Troubleshooter

If a command is being sent too many times, the repeat setting on the Companion remote may be too high. This problem can be solved using desktop software or the Harmony mobile app. To utilize the desktop software, sign into MyHarmony on your computer and be sure the proper remote is selected. Adjust the slider, select finish, and be sure to sync your Companion remote to make the changes.

If you notice this occur when certain apps are in use, your app firmware may need to be updated. To do this, go into the app settings, find the system settings, and then select the system update. Under system settings, set your device to check manually for updates so this problem does not occur in the future. Fix Your Stuff. Logitech Harmony Companion Troubleshooting. Edit Options History. Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki.

Improper Sensor Positioning.

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To homepage To homepage. Environmentally nothing has changed. Same wi-fi, same tv same tv service, etc. I have disconnected the Harmony hub and reset it, I have done the same for the remote, nothing.

Harmony Helper

I even have one of the Harmony sensors right underneath the soundbar IR not sure if it is necessary or not but I found it working best this way since I don't always have the remote facing the IR - may be in a different room.

Remote controls the TV and the DirecTv box with no problem. What to do? Thanks for posting about this and keeping the conversation going. At the moment, Logitech is currently aware of a problem where Harmony remotes were sending the wrong commands to Sonos devices.Harmony Hub-based remotes allow you to assign devices to be controlled by a specific IR port or the Harmony handheld remote itself.

Assigning a device to a specific IR port will help isolate it from other devices so you can precisely control the commands that your devices get. When using a voice control device such as Alexa or the Google Assistant with your Harmony setup, commands are sent through your hub.

Changing a device to be controlled directly from your remote will prevent it from working with any hub dependant Activities. In other words, these devices can no longer be controlled by voice. We need to know which type of remote you have in order to provide you the correct instructions.

Please select from one of the options below in order to get started. Instructions on this page are not relevant for the Harmony remote you've selected. Products Support. Harmony Remotes Harmony Accessories.

Harmony Helper

Using the Harmony app Launch the Harmony app and connect to your Harmony hub. Select the device that you would like to change how Harmony controls it. Select how you would like to control the device. Select your Harmony hub-based products remote from the Remote Gallery if needed. Select the Settings tab on the left side of the screen. Select your device and how you would like Harmony to control it. Remember to sync your remote after making any changes. Using your remote From your Harmony remote, press the Menu icon.

Select the device you would like to control using the remote directly. Select Advanced Settingsa new dropdown will appear in the selection field. If you don't see this option your device may not have IR capabilities. Select how you would like to control the device e. Select your remote We need to know which type of remote you have in order to provide you the correct instructions.

Harmony Helper.I have a Logitech Harmony Hub with remote, and after a recent firmware update, a number of commands no longer work with my Roku 3. For example, I can press the "Netflix" and "Amazon" and "Hulu" soft keys, and the Roku will respond, however the directional keys, the "Enter" key and the "back" keys all do not work.

Harmony Troubleshooter

My gut tells me it's either a Logitech or Roku firmware update issue, both devices automatically updated firmware over the last week while I was on vacation and when I came back, it was exhibiting these issues.

Roku Community. Sign In Help. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Did you mean:. Rlin Level 7.

How to Factory Reset Harmony Companion

No Longer Working with Logitech Harmony. Labels 2. Labels Device compatibility Pairing. Glad to see i am not the only one Would be nice if someone fixed this its kind of annoying MikeFromMesa Level 9. I have one of the non-hub Harmony remotes the and it is still working properly.

In fact I am so happy with the Harmony that I almost never pick up any of the "real" remotes that came with my equipment.

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The Harmony Hub may well have problems but my just keeps working. This was the response I got from Harmony support a little over three weeks ago: Currently, the IP command for Roku is not working for few users, our team is looking into this.

harmony companion remote not working

I do not have any update as of now. In the meantime, I've added a test Roku 3 and created test Activity namely "Watch Roku" in your account.

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Please Sync your Harmony to get the changes, test and let me know if that helped. Note that the IR version of the Roku commands is working. To set up the Roku as IR only, unplug the Roku, then just the scanning for device phase when you try to ad it to force a manual configuration, that will set up the Roku as an IR device.

The communicates over IR, so not surprised it is working. Seems to be IR is the workaround. Some commands don't work as well direct launch HBO Go for example but most of the normal ones are fine if a bit sluggish probably a function of the non ideal LOS.Subscribe to updates Unsubscribe from updates. With all of my electronic hidden in a closet behind the TV, my Harmony remote can control everything without any issues.

I even have my Google Home integrated with Harmony so I can tell Google to turn activities on and off. Recently, I saw a great limited time deal at Walmart.

I hope to help clear up some of the confusion here. You would need to upgrade. I took this section from the Harmony support page. Having any issues with the setup? Anything needs corrected? Let me know in the comments. Where did you place your IR blaster with all components in the closet so that your remote worked with everything hidden? Seems like the ir blaster would be an eyesore.

The IR blaster is on the lower of the 2 shelves that are in the closet behind the TV. The Logitech Harmony blaster is very nice looking and does a great job a bouncing the signal off of the walls and such. I never have any issues with devices not getting the IR signal from the blaster. I cannot get my harmony remote to sync with my fire tv. I have a 4k fire tv and harmony ultimate home. Where are you getting stuck? I would try going through the steps again to see if you missed anything.

Also, there are some troubleshooting tips included. Not sure if you tried those. I was stuck on this as well but just figured out that you need to add the Fire Stick as a Device. Not just Activity. At first I only added the Activity and it works fine, but you need to use the Fire Stick remote.

I could not get the remote to pair.Walk through our setup tutorial: adding your home entertainment devices, home control devices, setting up one-touch Activities and learning more about the usage of your remote.

Already set up and something's not working? Our troubleshooters and support articles will help set things right. Harmony Companion remote enables one-touch Activity based control of your home entertainment and home automation systems. It complements the Harmony mobile app and will keep in sync, regardless of where you start or stop an Activity.

Harmony Hub is the center of your home entertainment and home control solution. The IR mini blasters connect to the back of the hub and helps extend the coverage area for IR controlled devices. Use this if your entertainment system has closed cabinets and you have devices behind cabinet doors. Use of the IR mini blaster may or may not be required, depending on your setup. Use of the USB cable may or may not be required, depending on your setup.

View our support article: The Harmony app is unable to discover Harmony Hub. If you have a previous Harmony remote and want to import its devices and Activities, you'll be able to copy them over to your new Harmony. Harmony will either automatically create Activities or guide you through creating them based on the devices discovered to help set up your one-touch experience.

If you'd like to further modify any of these Activities by adding additional commands, please take a look at our article regarding adding commands to your Activities. You'll now be able to configure up to 50 Favorite TV Channels.

Enter your zip code to help find local service providers, then select from a pre-populated list of channels. Press the Off button to power off all your entertainment devices. Harmony will remember what is already powered on and only change what's needed. One button, two actions; press to fast forward or hold it a little longer to skip forward.

All buttons on your Harmony remote can be customized with different short and long press actions. Configure the four home automation buttons to quickly control lights or plugs, regardless of the Activity you're in. Add up to 50 Favorite Channels to the Harmony mobile app. Learn more about Adding Favorite Channels. Create as many Activities as you'd like and tweak what each button does or which commands appear on the screen. Unlike other universal remotes that may control devices individually, Harmony controls an Activity such as Watching TV or Playing a Game.

You don't need to choose which device you want to control. Watch this video to learn more. If something didn't turn on then use the help feature available from within the Harmony mobile app.

If one of your devices didn't power on or change to the correct input, then we recommend using our Activity troubleshooter to help narrow down the problem and find a solution. Depending on your remote, you can set up and configure Harmony using either the Harmony software or Harmony mobile app for iOS and Android. Post a question to the Harmony forums.

Our Harmony product managers also actively participate and provide technical advise. Harmony comes with a period of free email and phone support. You also have unlimited access to our online support community.

Products Support.

harmony companion remote not working

Harmony Remotes Harmony Accessories. Getting Started with Harmony Companion Walk through our setup tutorial: adding your home entertainment devices, home control devices, setting up one-touch Activities and learning more about the usage of your remote.

Lets get started. What's in the box.I'm looking for recommendations for a Harmony Universal Remote that will work well with my new X1 box. I've searched the Community Forum and it seems that some of the Harmony universal remotes have, at least at times, problems when communicating with the XG1v4-A boxes. My question was whether there were any universal remotes that could communicate with the Comcast box via RF rather than IR. I realize now that that would indeed be impossible or highly unlikely as the box RF signal radio frequency as well as the RF protocols are proprietary, unlike Bluetooth or other short distance RF protocols.

Even the Harmony remotes that use "RF" only use RF to communicate with the provided Harmony "IR blasters" that do the actual communication with the box or other controlled devices. The only real exception is when the controlled device also allows control via the local wifi network for instance when you can have a phone app that controls.

I know that doesn't help but it isn't wifi. What I did was take one of the IR Blasters Extenders that came with the hub and positioned the transmitter module just in front of the LED, and ever since then my Harmony Hub has worked perfectly. Best thing about the Hub is that it connects to your WiFi and thus enables use of a smartphone app, as well as Amazon Alexa support.

Really appreciate your insightful and detailed response. Personally, I'm looking forward to the day Comcast, as well as the rest of the content providers, go with one of the open architecture RF protocols, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave or even Bluetooth. Heck, with the proliferation of home wifi even wifi.

Certainly, with smart home systems gaining amazing ground, sticking with proprietary systems is a very bad strategy. Yeah, I'm aware of that. My hope is for a universal remote that doesn't have to rely on IR. I have several smart phone apps - each for a different device. A universal remote would integrate all the devices and functions. The remote control uses RF by default. However, you can reset the remote control to use IR by using following steps:.

Press and hold the "Setup" button, which is located at the bottom left side of the Xfinity remote control. Hold the button until the red light turns to a green light. Then enter on the Xfinity remote. It should blink green twice, and from there-on, it will use IR instead of RF.

harmony companion remote not working

You can verify that it's using IR by covering the front of the XFinity remote control, and verify that the channels don't change. Uncover it, and the remote buttons should work again. I'm not sure why, but on my setup the Xfinity remote control automatically reverts back to RF after a while. I'm OK with my Harmony for most purposes but do miss the option for doing voice commands via the native X1 remote.

Turn on suggestions.

harmony companion remote not working

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Sign In. Frequent Visitor. Any suggestions, most welcome! I am not a Comcast Employee. I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.


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